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Kiel Canal » Passing the Kiel Canal on the way from the North Sea to the Baltic Sea or vice versa saves miles, time and money. Since the opening of the Kiel Canal in 1895 we have supported our principals in ensuring them a smooth transit.

Our offices in Kiel and Brunsbuettel ensure on a 24/7 basis that everything is arranged on time: pilots, helmsmen, tugboats, crew changes, cash to master deliveries, bunker operations, all documents for ISPS (points of contact), dangerous cargo declarations and clearance documents.


Shipstores offers all kinds of warehouse services -day and night – to assure a smooth and quick delivery of provisions, spares, stores and the whole range of goods to and from our principals and their vessels – worldwide.

We handle all types of shipments and transports, including airfreight, as well as a wide range of customs clearance services. As the warehouse is located right next to the Kiel-Holtenau locks, we can guarantee the quickest and most cost-efficient delivery of goods during lock time.

To ensure prompt delivery, we are a contract store holder for various reputable companies, such as Sigma, Castrol, Drew Ameroid and Plana Plan.


The Kiel Canal in numbers

If you consider a transit through the Kiel Canal you should check the Kiel Canal’s dimensions, before calculating the costs. Although the Kiel Canal is spacious and can be passed by panmax sized vessels in empty condition even, it has limits – particularly concerning airdraft, draft, length and beam of a vessel.

The following main particulars will help you verifying the feasibility, if your vessel is able to pass the Kiel-Canal. If you are in doubt take the opportunity to contact the Kiel Canal department of SARTORI & BERGER.


The permitted dimensions of vessels

For vessels with a length exceeding 160 meters a particular regulation regarding the draft has to be attended. To verify the permitted drafts for vessels with a length exceeding 160 meters, please check the official draft diagram.

For vessels beyond these a.m. dimensions the Kiel Canal Authorities may allow exceptions based on individual requests, please contact SARTORI & BERGER for details.

Any enquiries in connection with the technical particulars of the Kiel Canal will be answered by the Kiel Canal department of SARTORI & BERGER.


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