Trace your ship transiting the Kiel-Canal!

As a new service, SARTORI & BERGER provides an online vessel tracking system covering the Kiel-Canal including its approach zones. Our system uses AIS data transmitted by the ships. AIS stands for Automatic Identification System, a tool implemented by the International Maritime Organization for improving safety in maritime traffic. All vessels transiting the Kiel-Canal have to be equipped with AIS transponders exchanging current data such as position, course, speed, type of cargo and destination. Our online tracking system records these signals, showing the name of a ship, its course and speed over ground on this website. The system shows updated data indicating actual or very recent positions of all ships gripped.

Sartori & Berger provides ais-data as a free service. We reserve the right to cease this service in total or in parts or to change it at any time. Access to our service is only granted if you accept the following terms of use. AIS-data is provided by a third party. Sartori & Berger does not check this data. The service is provided for general, non binding information purposes only. Any further usage is prohibited. Especially, you must not base any commercial or other decisions on this data.

Sartori & Berger accepts no liability for the data being up-to-date, correct or complete, except in cases of intent.