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post image MV Saturn in Rostock

MV Saturn in Rostock

On Wednesday the MV Saturn moored in Rostock to take onboard an 85-t-dryer for agricultural products. The call of the cargo ship was handled by Sartori & Berger: the port agents took care of registration, ships clearance and customs formalities. After a successful loading the MV Saturn left for Klaipeda.
post image Job Fair Hamburg

Job Fair Hamburg

At the Cruise Center Altona the 6th Hamburg Job Fair took place on Saturday with approx. 6.000 visitors. Timo Kaden presented various fields of activity of Sartori & Berger. In the focus were numerous part-time jobs in the cruise sector as the season already starts in 4 weeks.
At the weekend, after a total of 85 calls since 2016 AIDAprima said farewell, leaving for the Canary Islands. Many employees of Sartori & Berger attended the cruise ship during their calls in Hamburg as agent, also in charge of ground- and luggage handling.
post image Welcome Queen Mary 2

Welcome Queen Mary 2

After the stormy weekend Hamburg appears at its best on Monday morning. At sunrise against a blue sky the team of Sartori & Berger is ready i.a. to receive the luggage of the departing guests of the luxury liner Queen Mary 2.
post image Rare sight

Rare sight

Just before weekend NKT Victoria passed the Holtenau locks. The view of the cable ship offered a fascinating variation for the employees of Sartori & Berger, who were in charge of the clearance.
post image Lafayette Bay at Hamburg Port

Lafayette Bay at Hamburg Port

The Lafayette Bay called the port of Hamburg for cargo operations on 20th August. The tanker already left the port again the following day. Hamburg’s Sartori & Berger staff took care of the entire call including the arrival and departure windows which the vessel had to adhere to due to its draught.
post image A week of goodbyes

A week of goodbyes

AIDAbella and AIDAluna called the port of Kiel for the last time this year. Hostesses and port agents said their farewells to the cruise ships leaving for Mallorca and New York. Sartori & Berger wishes all guests and crew a safe journey!
post image Grand visit in Hamburg

Grand visit in Hamburg

After almost one year’s break Queen Mary 2 is back in Northern Germany. On 21st August as well as on 29th August the team of Sartori & Berger was in charge of the cruise ship in Steinwerder as port agent and took care of luggage and provisions.
On 17.08. Jens B. Knudsen welcomed the Prime Minister of the State of Schleswig-Holstein, Mr. Daniel Günther, in the presence of around 400 representatives of the maritime industry at the Maritime Summer Event 2017 in the Kiel Yacht Club and offered the cooperation of the maritime industry to the well-being of the country, its economy and science.
post image Sea Cloud II in Hamburg

Sea Cloud II in Hamburg

At the beginning of this week a very special guest moored at the “Landungsbrücken” near to the “Elbphilharmonie”: SEA CLOUD II, cruise and sailing ship. In addition to the ships clearance the colleagues also took care of the transportation of the luggage across the “Überseebrücke”.
post image MS Color Magic

MS Color Magic

The Color Line ferries call the port of Kiel in daily service. Yesterday, the employees of Sartori & Berger moored “Color Magic” and punctually at 10 o’clock started loading and unloading of the trailers and caravans.
post image Clearance of CMA CGM Corte Real and the departure arrangements for APL Temasek

Clearance of CMA CGM Corte Real and the departure arrangements for APL Temasek

Only a few hours after the arrival of CMA CGM Corte Real (365.5 m long, 51.20 m wide) in Hamburg, cargo operations were completed at the APL Temasek (368.82 m long, 51.06 m wide) and the container vessel could leave the port. The agents of Sartori & Berger took care at night of the incoming clearance of CMA CGM Corte Real as well as the departure arrangements for APL Temasek.